1. Run at least 1 mile per day for a month 

Complete a streak in April, May June, or July. 1 mile is the minimum distance for each day.

2. All mileage must be manually updated

Update the spreadsheet (below) daily by noon of the following day.  Columns will be locked at this time. 

3. Each run must be verified

Post a picture to Instagram with the  hashtags  #AStreakToRemember #HWYRT #CancerSucks to verify your runs. We will also be looking to highlight people with the most engaging content during the Streak on the How Was Your Run Today Podcast, so be goofy and creative! Selfies, Foodies, Groupies, pets, pre-run and post-run shenanigans, all of the above - whatever! You do You. You may use whatever running app or device you choose, but an Instagram post is a requirement.

4. Top runners to complete a streak each month will gain tournament entry.

Runners to record the highest mileage streaks at the end of each month will gain entry into the first ever A Streak Tournament in July!                        The top 10 runners in April, top 11 runners in May, and the top 11 runners June will qualify.

5. You may begin a streak at anytime to earn rewards

You may earn rewards through the month of July by completing these challenges.

  • Complete a run streak of 30 days (Lottery Entry per achievement)
  • Running 130+ miles during a 30 day run streak (1 Patch per achievement - max 4)
  • Complete consecutive run streaks (1 Patch per achievement - max 3) 
  • Holding Longest Run Streak - tie breaker most miles (Free Reward)
  • Best Run Streak IG Photo (Free Reward)
  • Finishing as a top 10-12 runner for the month (Tournament Entry)

This is a challenge and *All* of the above rules must be followed each day to remain eligible for any awards or streak-specific prizes. Winners runs are subject to verification prior to the dispersal of prizes. Click Here for additional FAQs

**Use your computer to update your progress below. Otherwise, download the google sheets app so you can access the page HERE.**

Track Your Progress Below - Columns will freeze daily at 12pm

Press Control F to Find your name


There are many opportunities to complete a streak, but only 3 tries to get into the tournament. Please use your best judgment. Do not push yourself to complete the challenge or compete if it means compromising your health, welfare or other areas of your life. "