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What happen if I don’t complete my streak?

If your streak ends before the month is over you have the option to restart and complete a streak during any 31 day span to be eligible for rewards. However, if you wish to compete for a tournament spot then you must begin on the 1st of the following month for your streak to qualify for the tournament.

What's the refund policy?

Entries to the A Streak are non-refundable.

What if im already fundracing?

THATS GREAT! Any winnings incurred as a result will be donated in your name towards your fundraiser!

Can I start a streak in the middle of a month?

Yes, if you want to compete for rewards. But to qualify for the tournament, streaks must begin on the first of each month and end on the final day of each month. For rewards, streaks may occur flexibly during any 31 day span. 

Can I qualify multiple times for the tournament?

You may only qualify for one spot in the tournament. If you finish in the top 10 in mileage more than once your higher mileage month will qualify, and the next ranked person from your lower mileage month will gain entry into the tournament.

The A Streak FAQs

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will be providing the NYC Marathon Bib for this event. All other rewards and prizes are provided by The a Wireless Athlete.

So what’s the goal again?

The goal for you is to run at least a mile a day. The goal for all of us is to run 70,000 miles and raise $10,000 for LLS. So whether you do it to give back, challenge yourself, compete, to earn rewards, or just chill and have fun - how far you run with this (pun intended) is completely up to YOU!!!

How will you be tracking peoples progress?

Each participant will be responsible for logging their miles on the google doc spreadsheet HERE by 12pm EST of the following day. If a run is not recorded by that time, the column will be frozen. The earlier you register the more opportunities you will have to earn rewards, and compete for prizes.

How will you verify peoples runs?

Each run must be verified by posting a photo on Instagram with the 3 hashtags #AStreakToRemember #HWYRT #GettingStreaky We will be looking to shout people out during the Streak on the How Was Your Run Today Podcast so I completely expect y’all to get goofy and creative! Selfies, Foodies, Groupies, mileage/pace, pets, pre-run and post-run shenanigans, whatever! You do You. But please be safe. Use whatever running app or device you would like but pictures is a requirement. Users runs will be verified upon claiming of any prizes or rewards!

    How do I earn rewards and swag?

    You can earn rewards by completing the challenges below

    • Complete a run streak of 30 days or longer (Raffle Entry per achievement - Max 4)
    • Run 130+ miles during a 30 day run streak (1 Patch per achievement - max 4)
    • Complete consecutive run streaks (1 Patch per achievement - max 3)
    • Holding longest run streak - tie breaker most miles (Free Reward)
    • Best run streak IG photo (Free Reward)
    • Finishing as a top 10 runner for the month (Tournament Entry)


    More information about Rewards can be found HERE

    Are there age requirements for the A Streak

    There are no age requirements for this event

    How can I contact the organizer?

    Click Here to contact for any further questions, or concerns.